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Money Players

George Zollner collecting his First Place money for his First Place finish in the SMBC Match Play Championship.

Saturday, April 12th --

The First Birdie of the year belongs to Ron Bracy, who canned a 2 on Preserve #2.

We had 14 players. The course was Preserve/Marsh. The team game was 2-man Vegas.

Closest to Pins:

#2P -- Zollner
#5P -- Miller
#1M -- Byrne
#6M -- Eddy

2-Man Vegas:

1st Place -- 81, Sterken/Borgerson (pd $5 ea)
2nd Place -- 78, Bracy/Graham (pd $4 ea)
3rd Place -- 75, tie, Longman/Byrne and Zollner/Baldwin (pd $2.50 ea)

Others -- 70, Simmonds/Eddy; 70, Clark/Miller; 67, Corey/TopKut

Big Boys Skins (we had 5 skins....$3.00 ea)

#1P -- Zollner with a par
#2P -- Bracy with a birdie
#7P -- Borgerson with a birdie
#8M -- Byrne with a birdie
#9M -- Zollner with a birdie

Little Boys Skins (7 skins....$2.00 ea)

#3P -- Longman with a birdie
#4P -- Longman with a bogey
#7P -- Baldwin with a par
#2M -- Baldwin with a par
#6M -- Miller with a birdie
#7M -- Longman with a par
#8M -- TopKut with a birdie